Posts from ‘December, 2017’

New Years Resolution

Next year I can do pull ups. I don’t say how many in one go, but it will be more than one. I could say more and this is related to more, but this is no longer wish, but true understanding that I will do it.

Kettlebell year 2017

Today I did light but long OALC set and did short sets of OAJ with 22 kg. I was sort of preparing my thoughts for creating my kettlebell training program for the first months of 2018. Yes, I will do that again myself as I did also in the beginning of 2017 when preparing for [...]

Kettlebells came home

Not anymore homeless but at home. I had my double 12 kg kettlebells quite long at the gym where I now ended my membership, but today I went to take them home and I mean relly home. I need to practice also LC and no reason to postpone it at all, but to start right [...]

Kodittomat kahvakuulat ry – homeless kettlebells

Kahvakuulan nostaminen perustuu hyvään fiilikseen, keskittymiseen ja hyvään nostamiseen. Se vaatii ympäristöltä jonkin verran, vaikka käytännössä tarvitaan vain hyvä nostolava ja kuulat ympärille. Minulle kahvakuulan nostaminen on elämäntapa. Kurkkasin juuri omaa “historiaani”, josta alkupalasen laitoin kuvana tuohon alle. Ryhdin kisat oli ensimmäiset. Kukka kävi paikalla, Niinan muistan nostamassa ja minulla oli kisakuula ihka ensimmäistä kertaa [...]

Three, two, one, Lift! Journey towards Finnish Championships 2018 starts now

24.-25.3.2018 are the next Finnish Championships in kettlebell lifting and I am going to be there. Today I came to know that 20 kg one arm categories are still part of the competition so now there are only good reasons to focus towards that. But first couple of things from this weekend as everything I [...]