Midsummer snatch and thoughts of training wisely

Midsummer is the time to relax, enjoy the moment and finnish summer. I don’t have much traditions nowadays for midsummer, but to go with a flow. Usually that means some grilling, minigolf, taking it easy and do some exercise just to enjoy. This time it was also seeing my parents which was nice.

Today when coming home I knew that I wanted to snatch. I want to do that every second day if possible, but now there came more rest days. Of course that was not bad thing as now I knew that I definitely could progress with my flexible program.

I don’t have written program at the moment else than in my mind. That works because I concentrate on short trainings of usually only 15 minutes or sometimes maximum 25 minutes. Idea was in spring to start work some lifting speed and really starting from the basics. I started with 8 kg kettlebell and that was good as my stress load has been on maximum level and I needed to take exercises lighter at least for a while and 8 kg IS light.

You do need to understand that there are limits on what you can do. I would not want to stop lifting, but my life is not in status where I could act like a athlete, not with the work load I am having.

So I started with 8 kg kettlebell and found the speed of over 20 rpm for 10 minutes by end of May. Since then I have worked with 12 kg kettlebell starting from 2 minutes with 20 rpm and further. Today I did 130 reps in 6 minutes. I have progressed very slowly, concentrating on good technique, but I have gained lots and lost of repetitions so that I have snatched in two months more than whole total before that since I started in 2009. :)

I have learned a lot and I am already better kettlebell snatcher. So I really could enjoy the 6 minutes of midsummer snatch of course after some warm up and can congratulate myself of a good choice. I have done light training and progressed! Progression is always the key for my motivation. :)

What is training wisely? I don’t know really, but I am glad of this gentle experiment. I will continue this further.

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