Back on Bike

I used to enjoy cycling a lot some years ago. I left my bike to garage when expecting my daughter and I had not really taken it out before this spring. But now I am back on bike and yes it feel so good. :)


I have done only couple “longer” rides (still under 1 hour), but I know I cannot stop now that I have started. It is a good way to have long exercise and it suits me better than running. It is fun, I just love my bike and now that my faithful running companion starts to get old I cannot run so much. The truth is that for some reason I cannot get myself running without a dog. I have to learn to do that at some point, but right now it feels difficult. This morning we did run some, but I had to walk more than I would have wanted – just to make it easy for my Doris.

So yesterday I started to think how I could find a good route so that it would be more riding and less avoiding cars which are coming from side streets. It is different to ride a bike in town than in countryside as I did then years ago. In Tervajoki I had lot of options and usually took a ride along the river and enjoyed the scenery from the first meters. Here I have to make some effort to get to the good cycling routes.

Below is yesterdays about 16 km ride from Sports tracker and yes there are now good ideas for next times. I have three or four directions I can head for. One would be towards Vaskiluoto, one to North, then this one further towards Laihia and fourth would be towards Merikaarto. The two last ones I could combine and I need to check how long would it be to ride Vaasa – Laihia – Tervajoki – Vähäkyrö – Merikaarto – Vaasa. Over 40 km?


Actually I thought it would have been bit longer ride yesterday, but I suppose Sports tracker doesn’t lie. And it doesn’t matter how many kilometers there was, but the important thing is that I am back on track. This gives so good balance to lifting iron and I need the basic condition training.

I am not the only one with bike. My daughter loves her own pink beauty (and her decorated red helmet). :) It is so much fun to walk along and see her learn to balance and laugh and sing during the couple 100 meter rides. These are the best moments to see your child to grow.


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