Couple days for minigolf or perhaps rest of the week

I am not yet sure if I am going to attend minigolf competition at Kalliojärvi next weekend, but at least I am enjoying the weekly local competitions today in Vaasa and tomorrow in Kalliojärvi. Well that depends also on the weather, but today looks good. :)

For couple of weeks I have trained like I should have trained in May and June. The weather was mostly awful and there was not enough time then. So now it has been lot of speed practicing with using different minigolf balls when ever there has been possibility to train and enjoying the progress when noticing some. :) This is not like kettlebell lifting or other lifting where you do progress when you train. In minigolf it is not so straightforward and “easy”.


Kisat tai ei viikonloppuna, saapa nähdä…

Eilen eksyin illalla kuntosalille, mutta nyt on hyvä rauhoittaa muutama päivä, että tuntuma minigolfpalloihin olisi tallella ainakin viikonloppuna. :)

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