Minigolf and kettlebell training pays off and there are reasons to smile

I love to lift – and not only kettlebells. I love to play minigolf – specially when it goes well. :D

Today I am in the situation when minigolf truly feels good and on Monday I actually made my personal record at weekly competition in felt at Vaasa. The rounds were 42 and 38 and so the total was 80. At the same time I won the local division 1 for the first time. :)

Kettlebells rise also quite effortlessly (not lightly!) and own personal records are there to come. :)

Not even the disappointment because of the changes in next years Finnish Championships lifting categories can take that good drive away for more than a moment.

I was going to start writing something totally different, but now it hit me. I am feeling easy. The stress is not in the record level as it has been before summer vacation and my mind is more in peace. That must be in big part of todays good performance and joy to lift and to play minigolf. Minigolf specially is a hobby inside the head, yes definitely, but also lifting needs full potential of concentration to what you are doing at that moment.

It took too long time to recover from the first half of this year. Pressure has been hard in several ways and it has taken a lot – and given less than should have. When there is too much to take, you don’t give your best, you get sick and there are more negative effects. Perhaps they don’t show much outside, but you cannot ignore them. But right now the pressure is well on tolerable level and I can feel it physically. This is worth to hang on to.

The pressure has not been in physical training, but it has prevented from reaching the lifts I have wanted and the minigolf results I have wanted.

Human being is a complex system and even if the signals are clear, you want to deny them and perhaps you don’t see how to change things. Some you can and some you cannot change. The thing you can do is to focus on less things. The idea is not to “do more”. You cannot do and take care of everything, but you can do well less. Easy to accomplish? :D No way. But I think there is the clue and idea where to navigate.

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