Up you climb and down you fall then up again

Good day can follow the bad one and vice versa. First everything went super well and then my play went into peaces. That is the only way I can describe my weekend playing minigolf. Actually I was getting sick and that with some difficult issues elsewhere was just what was needed to crush my good momentum. :)

Well yesteday I could smile again and life is always ups and downs. That is life! And you survive…

Couple of days I kept it easy and yesterday was time for some more minigolf and today I might lift some kettlebells. I really don’t want to get good flu or something, so I keep listening my body and do as it tells. BUT yesterday everything felt very good already. :)

The second round felt better than good. First round I did more mistakes, but the second time I came to every track (almost every) I could feel and remember what I had done and did then it correctly. Nice. :)

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