Joy of lifting, but when there is time

I snatched on Monday 205 times 12 kg kettlebell. It was my record and even when it isn’t so much with so light weight I am proud. I have never been snatcher and still I am not, but I am better. :)

Actually this and some news about next years categories in Finnish championships gave me a clear new idea on where I will head next. No, I am definitely not going to snatch 24 kg, but do something else. :D

There have been heavy weeks at work and that has taken the majority of all efforts lately. That and being in fever last Friday made that thing on video much more difficult and also much more awarding as it would have been otherwise. It was my first over 200 with 12 kg and something I had worked for.

When working systematically towards some next step you do feel yourself a bit like athlete (yes, but only a bit). The trick there is the long term focus and the steps you take all the time even though you can’t put more effort than you life gives possibilities. Sometimes it is more and other times less. Definitely you cannot plan your life only based on training. BUT should I feel any less proud of the work like that. No.

There is some strange debate in the Finnish “kettlebell scene” about lifting with two or only with one kettlebell. I prefer one and it gives me possibilities. I can progress and I will do that. I don’t judge or be against of two kettlebell lifting. I admire those who focus on that! But I also admire and respect good one hand lifters. I am going to do those both, but with different goals. Well I am lifting next Saturday in competition two 12 kg kettlebells as I am taking part of biathlon. I will not do good on that, but I will do it.

Yes, I sometimes feel myself as an athlete (only sometimes and I clearly remember when it hit me first time) and yes I love to lift one kettlebell. I love that kettlebellsport gives you possibility to do that. I love that in this I can progress without injuries and on your own speed and level. I love that there are different kind of lifters and goals.

I hope that the diversity stays in this gorgeous sport. It is not anything away from someone.

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