Pull up month almost done

I will test today if I can do it. Yes! Todays challenge is to do as good pull up attempt as possible!

I won’t be disappointed if it doesn’t work out, but what if I can… This almost two months that I have worked to build the pull up strength and skill has been great. Of course the steps forward have been small, but they are really noticeable. Also I could feel my grip improved with kettlebell yesterday. ;)

My training has mostly been at home with sets of negative pull ups, hanging and of course doing the smaller movement which name I don’t know in English. Then some exercises at gym every now and then and specially with the system in the pictures. I don’t much like any apparatus at gym, but this has proven to be ok. Actually I do like it as it has helped on the way and it feels good sometimes to imagine what the real pull up would be.

It has been fun to practice. With hard times at work I can still have a quick training in the morning to wake up or just hang sometimes, but I can be consistent also. I walk many times per day under the bar. That is so close and reachable every day. :)

By the way, as the 20 kg kettlebell felt sooo good yesterday I just have to start real active kettlebell period right now. No other alternative. So let’s hope I can pull up today. Of course I won’t stop practicing that also, but I wanted to separate these for awhile.

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