Three, two, one, Lift! Journey towards Finnish Championships 2018 starts now

24.-25.3.2018 are the next Finnish Championships in kettlebell lifting and I am going to be there. Today I came to know that 20 kg one arm categories are still part of the competition so now there are only good reasons to focus towards that. :) But first couple of things from this weekend as everything I train is makes progress also for the kettlebell lifting.

Last Thursday I wrote that I was going to try if I could already do my first pull up. Well it did not work, but I was not depressed as I know I have improved and progressed. So on Friday I wet to gym to do new record with this apparatus below.

And my own record I did! All the time I need less and less support and now there is only one step to lighter support in this apparatus which I can use. I really am going to do it. And what best this training has improved my grip a lot. I definitely noticed that last Wednesday on Lift Me Up training of Vaasa team.

So today it was time to get the kettlebells ready and start with test. Or actually two tests at the same time. I took my new lifting shoes to test and also decided to do OALC with 20 kg which I have done last in Finnish Championships at the end of February this year.

I remember how hard it was to buy the first lifting shoes. I have small shoe size and there were only huge sizes in local stores or even in other cities. I would have wanted to test even some shoes if they fit. I don’t dream of such thing nowdays, but on the other hand I know I can rely quite much on common sizing in weightlifting shoes.

Some time ago I jumped into add of these adidas powerlift 2 shoes. Almost last pair in that store and my size and black as I want. I had to grab the opportunity and today was time to test. Yes, these are perfect! They fit as they should, they are bit more “liftingshoelike” than Inov shoes I have. These are closer to Polski shoes which were my first ones and which I still have used if I have wanted truly to feel the ground. I don’t know how else would I say that. Polskis are bit broken, but I have needed their feeling if really lifting.

I don’t seek for latest models, but just something that is good for me. I think these are. :)

To the other test. I have not done any OALC for a long time and not really focused kettlebell training since I did biathlon with only 12 kg in the beginning of September. That was already three months ago.

I did some sets of cleans with 20 kg last Wednesday and it felt good. Therefore I knew I could do something. Let’s lift then.

Ok it did not go as bad as it could have or as well as it could have, but not I have a starting situation. I lifted 15 + 15 reps in 5 minutes. It was slow, it was not much, but hey I did 70 reps on February and now I have over three months to practice.

I cannot say yet what I will do with 2o kg in the competition, if it is OALC or biathlon, but either way it will be great journey towards that. There is now some weeks to figure real goals out and start the consistent work towards that.

I like this feeling. The start. :)

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