Kettlebells came home

Not anymore homeless but at home. :)

I had my double 12 kg kettlebells quite long at the gym where I now ended my membership, but today I went to take them home and I mean relly home. I need to practice also LC and no reason to postpone it at all, but to start right away. This is sort of side track to my goals, but a smaller goal still and I do think that different kind of training also with kettlebells does good.

It was hot half an hour that I did this evening. :) Not easy, but that it was not supposed to be. One bit regret on my mind was that I had decided to do double kettlebell swings after almost every gym training the whole autumn. Now I have went almost two months to gym where there are no double kettlebells and no point carrying your own with you. IF I had done the little swing sets as I had thought during the more strength period, it would now be much easier with LC.

But hey no point to misery, I just start again or started again and let’s head towards all new now.

There is one special thing on my mind besides pull up training and kettlebells. As I surprised myself with bench press record with 55 kg early this week and did record set with six reps Yesterday with 50 kg, I really wonder how easy that feels and tempting to try more… What if. ;)

Everything fun is worth trying, isn’t it?

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