Kettlebell year 2017

Today I did light but long OALC set and did short sets of OAJ with 22 kg. I was sort of preparing my thoughts for creating my kettlebell training program for the first months of 2018. Yes, I will do that again myself as I did also in the beginning of 2017 when preparing for Finnish Championships. :)

The year has brought again many personal records and that really is best part of kettlebell lifting. In Finnish Championships I did not do any great set as I lifted with 20 kg OALC only 70 reps. I was disappointed actually very much, but then again I had some fever already that evening. There will be new opportunities to do better. Yes, that is totally true, but at that time it did not feel good. I still can feel it, but now it only gives new motivation and hunger for better.

The sweeter thing from this years lifting was 207 reps in snatch with 12 kg kettlebell in September. During the summer I learned to lift faster and if that was first only with 8 kg and then with 12 kg, now I know I can be faster. I have a target for 2018 to take that speed to 16 kg kettlebell snatch. For me that would be a big thing as I have never been good in snatch.

I did take my kettlebells to quite many places 2017. Of course I lifted home and at gym, but also had kettlebell with me on vacation trip. Lift Me Up Vaasa kettlebell team practiced first at CrossFit gym and then after summer at Tervis hall.

Year 2017 was again kettlebell year and so will be 2018. :)

Of course I will do much more like lift barbell in every way, continue with pull up training and who knows what. I don’t even want to know in advance everything. Today I am stronger than year ago. I suppose I will be even stronger next year.

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