Stronger than ever

It really is true that I am stronger than ever, I truly know it. It is not that I would have done records for all types of lifting, but with some weeks concentrated training I could do it also in deadlift and squats. In bench press I did improve my record with 10 kg compared to what I could do at the end of my first and only real strength program made by Scott Shetler perhaps five years ago. Time flies…

But how to benefit from being stronger than ever? I am shifting my concentration to kettlebell lifting.

It has been somewhat more difficult to make the training program this time towards coming competition. I don’t know why as the starting point is better than ever. There is some hesitation.

Might it be that there is now no sickness of lowest of the low as startingpoint? :) In those situation everything is improvement and progress. It should not be any different and motivation is there.

But what ever reason I am very aware of the facts and what needs to be done. So more frequent kettlebell lifting it is starting now. I will lift every second or third day. But of course I need to continue having fun with some other ways also. :) May the force be with me.

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