FIN*Metsälinnan siperiankissat ja kuriilien bobtailit / siberiancats and kurilian bobtails

Suunnitelmia / Plans

No current plans when the C-litter is already here! I have some thoughts though so we will see what happens in the future.

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  1. Mörkö really has ‘the look’. He looks dangerous, but at the same time I want to hug him. He has a really big and nice face with small ears mmmmm nice!… well he looks like a tiger all over.
    Adalmiina and Mörkö reminds me a bit of Dutchess and Thomas O´Malley from Aristocats …if you know of them in Finland.

  2. I must check what those aristocats look like. :)

  3. Adalmiinan mamma Mar 28th 2010

    A cat version of The Lady and The Tramp :)

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